All courses are now available on-demand

Lauren Hubele DipGem graduated from the Diploma course in 2013

The School of Gemmotherapy is the leading provider of courses in gemmotherapy, delivering training and resources to healthcare professionals.

We are an online school and all our activities take place in our secure and fully-featured virtual learning environment. Our students typically have a background in holistic and natural medicine (including herbal medicine, TCM, homeopathy, aromatherapy, osteopathy and massage therapy), and are located around the globe.

We run a series of three online courses with increasing degrees of specialisation – the Certificate course (4 months), Diploma course (6 months) and Licence course (12 months). Each is self-contained, so that even students who take only the first course receive the skills and tools to use gemmotherapy effectively.

Many students choose to stay on in the School because of the quality of tuition and the high level of personal support we are able to offer.

Our online teaching Clinic, where any member of the School can interact with the teaching staff and with their fellow-students, and discuss cases from their own practice, is at the heart of the School.

Over the last six years, the School of Gemmotherapy has trained students from every continent. Some are now teaching for us, and many continue their membership of the School through our graduate programme.